APP Demo Videos
Basic operation of the Smart Helmet
How to connect LIVALL products to the APP
Smart Helmet walkie-talkie function
SOS function
Device related questions
How do I connect to the helmet quickly?
How do I connect to the "Bling Remote Controller" device quickly?
How do I connect to the cadence sensor quickly?
What do I do if my phone cannot discover the device?
The helmet ("Helmetphone" or "Helmet Headset" or "BH60" or "BH100") cannot be searched for after entering Settings -> Bluetooth through an Apple iPhone?
Apple iPhone cannot connect to the device by Bluetooth ("Helmetphone" or "Helmet Headset" or "BH60" or "BH100")?
SOS SMS Send Trigger Condition?
Device introduction - Bling Helmet
Device introduction - Bling Remote Controller
Device introduction - Cadence
Does APP support third-party heart rate equipment?
What should I do if the APP prompts "Mobile phone Bluetooth is not turned on"?
Questions about joining a group
How do I quickly join a group and use the intercom function?
I am not receiving message from group members. How do I fix it?
Why can’t I send a voice message?
I cannot join a group. How do I solve this?
Why do I lose sound when I connect to the intercom?
Why can't I talk through the helmet when it’s connected to the app?
Questions about riding
How do I improve Android’s data accuracy?
Why is my riding record invalid?
MI phone lock screen or run in the background, there is no record of riding data?
How do I check the riding record list?
Music player
How do I play music using the player attached to the app?
Can I use a third-party music player to play music through the helmet?
Why doesn’t the helmet output sound when I play music on my phone?
How do I open permissions on Android?
How do I open permissions on an iPhone?
How do I ensure the device works on Android when the screen is locked?
After upgrading ios 11, turn on Bluetooth, why is APP still reminded that Bluetooth is not enabled? How to deal with it?